Sound Decisions


I take your tracks and give them the power they deserve.

With experience in engineering going back to 2007, I learned to mix the hard way: trial and error. I've taught my musical ears how to make solid mix decisions quickly and easily on sound alone. Fast and reliable results. Need to hear it? Listen to my portfolio.


I genuinely love making music. That's why I do this.

I cut my teeth on piano when I was five years old, figuring it out as I went along, then the same with bass guitar some years later. I played saxophone with my school bands for ages, and taught myself guitar in high school. That's around when I finally figured out there was an entire art to mixing audio; the console was an instrument unto itself.

As any musician would do, I recorded my own music and used sequencing and virtual instruments to fill in the gaps. I was making something new that belonged to me—and sounded more and more like a professional product. That joy is much the same with recording and mixing your tracks; being part of creating something new for all to hear. And not just something new, but something great that demands your attention, that makes listening to your music as enjoyable as creating it.

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by Constellation Sound

A short playlist of mixes I've done over a variety of styles.

Listen to my full discography here.